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There has been a debate whether art imitates life, or life imitates art, but for us, it is both, and what is more important is that you appreciate both art, and life. Welcome to Serendipity Scrapbook, a place for art and photography. We are a group of friends that loves art in all its shape and form. And we aim to hepainter-4165_960_720lp the readers appreciate art the way we do.

We post a lot of articles all about art. I t does not matter if it’s a painting, photography, sculpture, and even performing arts. From classical to pop and modern arts, we got all the articles for you. Aside articles about appreciation of art, we also post guides on how to create your very own original art. There are also news about what has been trending and new in the world of art.

Follow us for the latest tips, guides and more importantly the latest news and trends in the art industry. Please contact us for your inquiries. Enjoy loving art with us.